Produktserie: Jan Dean Roestel

Jan is a multimedia Artist living in Berlin. You can catch Jan DJing frequently around the city - we will be sure to share his events for you to get a chance to see him. Jan is also a very talented photographer in the alternative and fetish scene.

While we‘re on the topic of scenes, Jan is a strong advocate for lgbtqia+ acceptance, respect, rights, and awareness. We are proud to have such a person, not only in the Berlin community, but now in the Unter community as well.


Unter Berlin will be offering Merchandise, Prints, and Posters from Jan's photography; you can find a link to his collection in our bio. Our mission is to support artists and our main way of doing so is to ensure our artists receive the majority of the proceeds from each sale. Unter only needs to keep the lights on. Each purchase from Jan's collection will go towards supporting him and helping to grow our community.

Welcome to our Unter, Jan! We look forward to growing together and sharing our art with the world.

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Jan's Photography profile

Jan Dean Roestel Collection