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Unter was born of late night conversations between friends, from sharing hopes and frustrations in the underworld of Berlin. A common goal emerged that we couldn’t ignore: finding a way to support the community that makes this city so unique.

We’re a group of artists supporting artists. Unter is a platform where creatives can sell merchandise - from clothing to prints, to unique made-to-order products. We aim to promote their work and build connections, allowing them develop their work without compromising on their values.  

This is just the beginning of our journey: if we support each other, we know we can keep creativity alive. 



Ewil Art

Explorer. Love. Splatter. Curiosity. Death. 13. Dualism. Symbios.

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Jan Dean Roestel

I´m a Queerfeminist Artist from Berlin. Im born 1985 and I have Punkrock in my Heart. My Pictures show erotic and beauty without sexulaising the Models. I show and support all genders and fight for LGBTQAI+ . Your Body does not difine your worth.

So let´s rock.

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Victoria Rose

Victoria is a multi-media Artist, working in Berlin as a performer, guitarist, actress, and content creator. We are happy to host her merchandise, which was organized in collaboration with selected photographers, and some designed by her alone.

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Geri Morgan

Geri Morgan

Is a former animator and founder of cat-face tees, one of our earlier versions of this Site. Geri's artwork is inspired by old-school marvel comics, the occult, the open dialogue of science in the public sphere and picks at the threads of hypocrisy. Ridicules the Rich and Powerful and wants to see change! Other sources are conspiracies therys and pop culture about alien cats. If Geri was not an artist he would have been a scientist. He lives with a few  a Cephalopods, an Axolotl and 3 big dogs in an old farm on the island of Crete!

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