We were effectively shadow banned .. from Etsy's. site - Part 2

We were effectively shadow banned .. from Etsy's. site  - Part 2

This was the letter I sent Etsy

   I own licenses on all my imagery used I have draw the images myself or I have a bought the licenses myself! No images are issues of copyright infringement,    There are 4 b+w images of Victoria Rosé! No issues of copyright infringement,    My tee shirts are not home made as of now I print on demand services in from printify and printful, this is just a stop gap till we are more popular! And is a fully expected way to do business on your site! I will concede the tee shirts ridiculing Jeff Bezos and his big blue rocket were risqué! But there was zero interest in them! As are the images of ‘Vitoria rose’ who is sort of famous all images have been licensed and the model and the photographer get money from each sale! I am a avid vaxer! And the images of the tiny figures of death saying “oh you did you own research”. ridiculing the anti-vaxers. Is protected speech! It’s it a cartoonish image of death! I own a license for him too . I’ll like my account suspended, but in the end I’ll take my business else where am have tees shirts printed an delivered by Amazon! I get a greater cut! And there are less competition! All except the tees shirts ridiculing Jeffreys Bezos!    Please pin point the violation of the terms and conditions! You took money from us as we we building this site, and now at Christmas the busiest time of the year! You shut is down! We were expecting to make 100s if not 1000s or euro this year even now with the site suspended I am getting 10 hits per day.

After this they turned ON my account again. I won the battle, but lost the war, with Etsy. They we were effectively shadow banned me after that. They had me by the goggles. From Etsy's. site I could not find my objects that were for sale. Even if I searched for them, I could not find my own site! unless I had the direct link. Couldn't advertise on other platform's. Not even google ads and they are the red heads step-child of the advertising world and they take every one.

Then can the strike against raising fees on Etsy. They had made a bummer crop of profits that year. I'd had enough making Etsy richer and getting nickel a dimed on marketing fees, a transaction fees to the tune of 6.5 % on every transaction. posting in a catalogue fee.tec


We’ve looked at some of the most common costs you might run into when starting your Etsy business, and how to work with them. Hopefully, we’ve managed to dispel some of those hard-to-navigate costs, and provide you with new ways of looking at them so that you can start crafting in the ways that best suit you. And remember: even if you do encounter a cost that seems too difficult to negotiate with, there’s always another way around it. Look for alternatives, ask around online for advice, or come up with your own solutions—you have the power to control your costs.

So I set up a site using EWCID.

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