Pro Modeling Tip - How Photography Can Boost Your Career.

Pro Modeling Tip - How Photography Can Boost Your Career.

Imagine you are training a new employee at a busy coffee shop. Turns out they already know how to use the espresso machine from previous experience. Well, now that the hard part is out of the way, you both can move on to more essential duties. Now, imagine that you are a photographer. Before you even open your mouth to instruct your model, they're already adjusting their poses to your camera position, all while working in a way that favors your lighting setup. Wow, less work and time spent on instructing, and now more time to focus on the shoot. Let's go!



Learn Photography Basics

When a photographer tells you at your next shoot that they will shoot with a low shutter speed, will you know that you should keep your movement as minimal as possible to avoid blur?


Knowing how to work under that specific camera setting to achieve the desired result without spending too much time under the photographer's instruction is the difference between a good model and a great one. When you are more aware of lighting setup, flash, and professional camera settings, you can focus on the reason behind the shoot.


On top of knowing how to work in a way that favors photography, pair that up with learning how to move based on what clothes you are wearing, what setting you are in, and the mood of the shoot. You will then have a huge advantage that will leave your clients coming back and gladly referring you for future projects with other creators.


The Benefits strongly outweigh the means.


- Will boost your confidence

- Impress clients

- Allows more time to focus on the shoot

- You can better understand the desired result from the client.

- Receive more callbacks and referrals. - Less images for photographers to review after each shoot.


Let's ask a Photographer

Let's bring in a fantastic Berlin based photographer Thorsten Briese.

Introduce yourself.

- "My name is Thorsten aka One Million Pictures, One Million Faces. I’m 41 years old and born and raised in Berlin Germany. I am interested in photography from an aesthetic standpoint. I started Graffiti when I was 13 years old, and in all these years photos were an important thing.


Four years ago I started to be more interested in photography and just tried some things. My first model was my cousin back then. I got so deep into photography I read every book about technique and watched a massive amount of YouTube Videos. Since then it’s a constant progress.


My main style of photography is Portraits and Nudes. I love to shoot people from the Berlin Club scene, interesting faces and characters."


How many models have you worked with so far?


- "It’s pretty hard to answer that question but I think at least between 50 - and 75."


Talk about the benefits of working with a model having previous knowledge of photography.

- "I think a simple understanding of photography helps a lot as a Model. Especially if the model will choose and pick her favorite pictures in the end."


Would you say that there are any "negative" experiences when a model had limited knowledge and how it affected the shoot and possible final images?


- "There is no negative experience for me. Sometimes it just takes a bit longer to get into a flow. When I shoot with unexperienced models I just give them a lot of time to find the mood and feel safe. The most important thing is a safe space for models and a good atmosphere. That is the secret behind a good shooting. Laugh together, show some previews, take your time and you will get amazing results together. "


Effective ways to learn some basics

Hey Thorsten, which aspects of photography would you suggest models to research?


- "A general understanding about lighting maybe how light works could improve the posing from the model. Of course it is the job of the photographer to set up the light and the set. I love it to work with naturally moving models. I like a constant flow in my pictures." There are many options to grab this information; Here are a few that will get you started: YouTube clips: - Studio Photography 101

- Studio Lighting 101 - Basic Lighting Techniques

- Basic Camera Settings Also support your local bookstore and grab some books on these topics. Explore the manual photo settings on your phone or personal camera and become familiar with them. Get in touch with a photographer that you know and see if they can show you a few pointers, maybe in exchange for a shoot.



I hope I have inspired some of you to get your ass in gear and move to the next level of your career. Now go out with your newfound skills and practice with some self-portraits or taking photos of some friends. Post your pictures on Instagram and tag me @the.victoria.rose. I will be happy to see your progress, share your content, and offer any tips! Remember always to keep learning and growing, and never coast in the comfortable zone. Go and learn some different skills, and you will see how far they will take you. Don't feel overwhelmed by all the information that is out there. I want you to feel inspired and motivated, so learn at your own pace. If you are ever confused, you can comment under this blog or write me with any questions, and I will be glad to help.


If there are any specific topics that you would like to hear about and discuss, feel free to comment below or contact me. I will also be posting summaries of my writings on my social media for people to read and discuss there as well.

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